Mi Engineers

Settore commerciale

We designed and developed a multi-site platform for MIEngineers, a leading engineering and estimating company in Australia and the UK.


MIEngineers needed a fresh redesign and development of their platform, to showcase their impressive commercial and residential projects.

Having two businesses located in Australia and the United Kingdom, they needed a simple centralised system to easily manage both companies.

We have worked closely with Amy and the MIEngineers team to deliver a single installation which serves 2 different websites: .com.au and .co.uk

The content can be shared across both sites, or it can be published only to one specific site, making it a breeze for content editors to update both system in one centralised place.

Benefit delivered

Business success

  • Fresh new look to showcase MIEngineers interesting projects
  • Easy to use content management system
  • Centralised backend for editors to manage content
  • A fast and beautiful website which is fully responsive and optimised for tablet and mobile
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